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Greasing the Groove
Season 7, Greasing the Groove Today we Get Fit with Coach Erik Miller as he explains the training principal of  “Greasing the Groove” and how you can use it to improve strength as well as improve your ability to do a specific exercise. Eat Healthy with an easy to make […]

Episode: Greasing the Groove

Functional movement
Season 6, Functional Movement It’s all about the Hip on today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Understand the benefits of Functional Movement and Get Fit while learning how to incorporate exercises to improve hip mobility into your next workout. The docs at Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health keep us up […]

Episode: Functional Movement

Season 7, Honeybees Today we visit the Honeybee hives at Exton Bee Company and get an up close and personal look at honeybees and how important and necessary they are to our food supply. Get Fit and discover the importance of Sport Performance & Movement. Eat Healthy by changing up […]

Episode: Honeybees

Season 6, Reflexology We start with Healthy Feet when we talk to Dr. Anianne Missimer about how to pick the best footwear, then visit Nature’s Healing Touch and discover Reflexology and the many benefits.  We Get Fit with a Bosu Circuit and Eat Healthy with an easy to make White […]

Episode: Reflexology

Season 6, Spartan Racing Discover the demands, challenges and rewards of being a Spartan Racer and Get Fit with some of the most important exercises when training for a Spartan Race. Smile as you get a glimpse of the ancient art of Glass Blowing & take a look at some […]

Episode: Spartan Racing

Season 6, Firefighter Fitness Today we chat with Fire Chief Dan Kerrigan; Co-Arthur of “Firefighter Function Fitness” and get an eye opening glimpse of the demands, sacrifices and what our firefighters give up to keep us safe, not just at the scene but in their daily lives. Get Fit at […]

Episode: Firefighter Fitness