Sheridan’s Boxers HIIT Workout

By; Sheridan McHenry, Title Boxing Club

This workout is great as a warm up for your normal routine, and each exercise can be added into any of your workouts to bring your cardio to the next level!

The best way to make this into an entire workout of its own: Complete each exercise in order Tabata Style for 20 seconds, then Rest for 10 seconds. This is One Round – repeat for a total of 3 Rounds. Take a minute break. Then for the 4th Round, do each for 40 seconds and Rest for 20 seconds.

**Boxer’s Stance:

  • If you are right hand dominant, you will stand with your left foot in front and your right foot back (Orthodox)
  • If you are left hand dominant, you will stand with your right foot in front and your left foot back (Southpaw)
  • Make sure that you have weight equally distributed across your front (lead) foot and that your back (rear) heel is lifted off the ground
  • Have some buoyancy in your entire lower body – knees should be bent and hips moving with each upper body movement
  • Unless you are using your hands for punches, they should both be at your jaw, with elbows tight to your body (think: protect the face with the hands, protect the ribs with the elbows)
  • Think of this position as a neutral/home base position

HIIT Workout

Boxer’s Bounce

In your Boxer’s Stance hop/bounce back and forth between your front and back foot, but only on your toes! Each time you land on your front foot, pop your jab out quickly and snap it back to its starting position (next to your jaw).

U-Step / Bob & Weave

Begin again in your Boxer’s Stance and step your back foot a few inches away from where you start. You’ll transfer your weight into your back foot as you “duck” under a punch with your head at the same time, then repeat by stepping weight into your front foot and continue. Think: make a “U” shape with your head as you do this movement. This is a defensive movement – you are getting out of the way of punches by going under them.

Simulated Jump Ropes with varying speeds

Pretend that you are holding a jump rope in your hands, and start jumping that rope with an easy pace. Every 5 seconds, double the pace up! Alternate between these paces the entire interval. Be sure to stay nice and light on your toes.

Grab a jump rope if you have one and do it for real!

Side-to-Side Motion / Slips Right & Left

Starting in your Boxer’s Stance move your upper body to the right and left, thinking about tilting from above your hips. Focus on your obliques while you complete this exercise. This is also a defensive movement – you are getting out of the way of punches by moving your head to the side of them.

Pop Squats

Starting with your legs wider than shoulder width apart, have your toes facing straight forward. Jump both feet together, squeezing your legs together and moving your weight to your toes. Immediately jump the legs back out to starting position, with weight back in your heels, and squat your hips back and down. Repeat and stay quick with the feet when you jump them together!

Add small hand weights, and bring your arms out to your sides into a T position while you are jumping the feet together – drop them toward the ground while you squat for some compound movement!

Shadowbox Jab & Cross

Your jab and your cross are both straight punches, with your wrists straight and your palms facing down. The jab is your lead, or non-dominant, hand and your cross is your rear, or strong/dominant, hand. Throw these punches at eye level, straight in front of you as quickly as you can while staying in your Boxer’s Stance.

Add small hand weights for even more of a shoulder burn!!


Beginning with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing the right – and keeping your hands, eyes and chest forward – jump both feet to face left, and then back to the right continuously. You will stay on your toes during this movement. Have your legs move only because your hips are twisting 180 degrees, independently from your upper body (hence, 180s!)


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!