Paddle Fit Workout

Paddle Fit – Do Anywhere Yoga Workout, by Marianne Biffel

Marsh Creek Watersports 

Featuring: Mike Biffel, Julia Fiorkowski, Robbie Hiro, Jack McLaughlin, Cari Moffitt

Spine roll down

Starting in a seated position with legs in mountain position (softly bent knees with feet on floor), and holding paddle in hands at chest height, arms extended over legs. Begin to lower back, one vertebra at a time until shoulder blades touch down. Lower head down and raise paddle overhead with straight arms.  Raise paddle back up to thighs, lift head & shoulder blades and slowly return to starting position.  (add leg raise for more intensity)

Rowing sit-up

Start in seated position with legs in mountain top position and hold paddle straight out off of chest.  Pull abdomen in and roll halfway back, pulling elbows into rib cage. Turn torso to the left while dipping paddle end into the water, repeat torso turn and paddle dip to right side. Return torso center, raise arms directly overhead. Straighten legs and reach paddle out towards toes.

Star Burst

Lay on left hip with legs extended and prop upper body onto left forearm. Bend left leg to the back, keeping knees together.  Raise right hip up then follow by raising right arm up to head. Now raise right leg up to 45 degree angle keeping knee facing forward.  Hold.  Finish move by lowering leg, arm and the hip.  Repeat on right hip.

3 legged down dog with plank

Start on all fours. Raise hips up and back into downward dog.  Extend right leg up for a hold.  Shift shoulders over wrists and lower body to a straight arm plank.  Return to 3 legged down dog and repeat,

Dolphin push-up

Start in 3 legged down dog pose. Shift shoulders over wrists and bring right knee to chin.  Push back up in to 3 legged down dog.  Repeat 5 times per side.