Episode: Running with Tracy Peal

Season 7, The Biomechanics of Running

Today, we Eat Healthy with a traditional Mexican dish and local favorite from the city of Puebla. Tracy Peal helps us Get Fit and demonstrates how to run better using biomechanics and movement analysis. The Doctors from Phoenixville Hospital/Tower Health & Pottstown Hospital/Tower Health keep us Healthy & Happy; sharing new technology and new services. We have a cardio Exercise of the Week and so much more; all in today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Be Healthy Recipe: “Poblano Wild Mix”

  • Mariana Castaneda, Founder, Taste of Puebla
  • Isaias Castaneda, General Manager, Taste of Puebla

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “Nuclear Stress Testing”

  • Eddy Mizrahi, MD
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “Chemotheraphy, What to Expect”

  • Nathan Peterson, MD
  • Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health

Be Fit Feature: “Running with Tracy Peal

  • Tracy Peal, Movement Specialist
  • Peal Sports Performance Coaching

Be Fit Workout: “Biomechanics of Running”

  • Biomechanics of running are important to improve speed. This video interview and demonstration explains in simple terms how to recognize poor biomechanics and then guides you through an easy exercise to help improve your efficiency as well as your speed.
  • Demonstrated by: Tanya Stroh

Be Healthy: “The Role of a Hospitalist”

  • Jean C. Seda-Lopez, MD
  • Pottstown Hospital / Tower Health

Be Fit EOW: “Mountain Climbers”

  • Demonstrated by Madeline DeFaber-Schumacher


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!