Episode: Stress and the Vagus Nerve

Season 8, Stress & the Vagus Nerve

Discover the Vagus Nerve with Dr. Arianne Missimer and learn how it can help us Stress Less and Stay Healthy. We are Eating Healthy with Chef Jason Brown and a Roasted Beet & Sweet Potato Salad recipe. Tracy Zimmer shares valuable insight into the expanding roles for women in professional sports in our Be Happy Lifestyle segment. We have new Healthy Minutes from our Tower Health Doctors, a Fit Tip, a new Exercise of the Week and so much more; all in today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Fit – Tip: “Burn More Calories”

  • Tanya Stroh
  • My Fitness Rx

Be Healthy Recipe: “Roasted Beet & Sweet Potato Salad”

  • Chef Jason Brown

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “My Tower Health”

  • Richard McLaughlin, MD, MBA
  • Pottstown Hospital / Tower Health

Be Fit Feature: “Stress & the Vagus Nerve”

  • Arianne Missimer, DPT
  • The Movement Paradigm

Be Happy – Lifestyle: “Women & Sports”

  • Tracy Zimmer

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “A Healthy Bladder”

  • Jose Maceda, TMD
  • Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health

Be Fit EOW: “High Bridge Knee Pulls”

  • Demonstrated by: Tracy Brignola


Tracy Bignola
Jason Brown, @chef_jdish
Jose Maceda, TMD, Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health
Richard McLaughlin, MD, MBA, Pottstown Hospital / Tower Health
Arianne Missimer, DPT, The Movement Paradigm
Tracy Zimmer

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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!