Episode: Functional Range Conditioning

Season 7, Functional Range Conditioning

Get Fit with Dr. Arianne Missimer as she explains & demonstrates how Functional Range Conditioning can help to increase your range of motion, mobility and strength. Eat Healthy with Chef Jason Browns grilled shrimp kabob recipe. Wine Writer, Joe Roberts, shares hints and tips on wine tasting in our Be Happy segment. We have an important COVID update from the President & CEO of Pottstown Hospital/Tower Health, Richard Newell, a new Exercise of the Week and so much more all in today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Healthy Recipe: “Shrimp Kabobs” (Video & PDF) ᴥ

  • Chef Jason Brown, Food Stylist
  • Recipe requires login to access the video and download. Register/Login here

Be Fit Feature: “Functional Range Conditioning”

  • Arianne Missimer, DPT

Be Fit Workout: “Functional Range Conditioning CARS” (Video)

  • Demonstrated by: Arianne Missimer, DPT
    • Neck CARS
    • Scapular CARS
    • Shoulder CARS
    • Hip CARS

Covid-19 Update – Healthy Minute: “COVID Prepared” (Video)

  • Richard Newell, MPT, DPT, President & CEO
  • Pottstown Hospital, Tower Health

Be Happy – Lifestyle: “Your Brain on Wine”

  • Joe Roberts, Author, Wine Writer

Be Fit EOW: “Cable Squats” (Video)

  • Demonstrated by Tracy Brignola


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!