Episode: Functional Movement

Season 6, Functional Movement

It’s all about the Hip on today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Understand the benefits of Functional Movement and Get Fit while learning how to incorporate exercises to improve hip mobility into your next workout. The docs at Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health keep us up to date with the latest technology, techniques and everything you need to know about a total hip replacement. Eat Healthy with an easy to make appetizer, Vegetarian Lentil Dip. We have a Quick Tip, a Coach’s Corner, a Healthy Minute, a brand new Exercise of the Week and so much more all in today’s action packed episode. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Healthy: “Total Hip Replacement”

  • Douglas VanderBrook, MD
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Healthy Quick Tip: “How Much Sodium”

  • Tanya Stroh

Be Fit Feature & Workout: “Functional Movement”

  • Beau Westhoff, CSCS
  • Hurdle Assessment
    • Stride w/ External Hip Rotation
    • Stride w/ Trunk Rotation

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “Birthing Team”

  • Carlene Denis, MD, FACOG
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Fit Coaches Corner: “Weight Belts”

  • Erik Miller, M.S.

Be Healthy Recipe: “Vegetarian Lentil Dip”

  • Chef Cindy McClure

Be Fit EOW: “Reverse Lunge Row”

  • Demonstrated by Tanya Stroh


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