Episode: Greasing the Groove

Season 7, Greasing the Groove

Today we Get Fit with Coach Erik Miller as he explains the training principal of  “Greasing the Groove” and how you can use it to improve strength as well as improve your ability to do a specific exercise. Eat Healthy with an easy to make homemade marinara sauce. Our Be Happy/Lifestyle segment features author and wine writer; Joe Roberts  explaining wine making and flavor. We have an informative Healthy Minute from Phoenixville Hospital/Tower Health, a Shoulder Matrix Workout, new Exercise of the Week and so much more all in today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Healthy Recipe: “Marinara Sauce”

  • Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking

Be Happy: “Wine Making & Flavor”

  • Joe Roberts, Author, Wine Writer

Be Fit Circuit: “Shoulder Matrix Workout”

  • Demonstrated by: Char Cesario
    • Lateral Raise
    • Front Raise
    • Rear Deltoid Raise
    • ‘Burn out’ Alternating Shoulder Press

Be Healthy – Healthy Minute: “Interventional Radiology”

  • Oleg Leontiev, MD
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Fit Feature: “Greasing the Groove”

  • Erik Miller, M.S.

Be Fit EOW: “Plank Position Leg Lifts”

  • Demonstrated by Tanya Stroh


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!