Episode: Pork Tenderloin

Season 5, Pork Tenderloin

Eat Healthy, save money and discover cooking tips & secrets in Chef Cindy McClure’s Italian Kitchen. See and Feel the Excitement of a live Amish Produce Auction as we follow the owners of Hidden Horseshoe Produce and watch and learn how they bid on fresh fruits and veggies for their local Farmers Market. Get Fit – Functionally – with FMS expert Coach Beau Westhoff. Don’t miss our Healthy Minute from the Docs at Phoenixville Hospital/Tower Health, a Be Fit Tip, an Exercise of the Week and so much more – all on Today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Happy Feature: “Produce Auction, with Hidden Horsehoe Produce”

  • Shawn Yarnall
  • Tiffany Yarnall

Be Fit: “Functional Movement”  (Video)

  • Beau Westhoff

Be Healthy Recipe: “Pork Tenderloin” (Video & PDF) ᴥ

Be Healthy: Healthy Minute: “The ER Process”

  • Rebecca Nyman, BSN, RN
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Fit Tip: Schedule Your Workout

Be Fit EOW: “Lunge with Rotation” (Video)

  • Demonstrated by Lisa Morrin


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!