Kettlebell Burpees

Make your Burpees a little harder
and challenge your core even more …

Standard Burpees are a great full body move; adding the kettlebell not only increases the intensity but also challenges your core and forces your torso to contract, stabilize and work even harder. This is an advanced exercise be sure to keep your abs contracted and avoid arching your back as you jump your feet back. Use the Burpees as added intensity during a cardio workout or in between exercises in a strength circuit.

Do it Right:

  • Begin standing in a neutral position – feet hips distance apart, knees soft, abdominals tight & chest lifted, hold a kettlebell in both hands
  • Squat down keeping your knees forward & hips and shoulders square, place kettlebell on the floor between your feet
  • Keeping both hands on the kettlebell immediately jump both feet back and land in a standard push up position, keeping abdominals tight and back flat
  • Immediately jump feet back in & stand back up to starting position
  • Continue until all reps are complete

Thanks to Tom for a great demo!

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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