8 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving but Still be Calorie Conscience

Easy Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving

If you are like me, you love the Thanksgiving Turkey and all the fixings that go with it. Everything from the appetizers to the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, casseroles and all the way to the pumpkin pie. I am hungry just thinking about it. With all the yummy foods it can be a real challenge to not over due it. The following are some of my favorite tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while still being careful of the calories.

  1. Eat slowly – it takes your brain approximately 20 minutes to register that you are full
  2. Stick to only 1 plate of food – no seconds
  3. Go skinless & remember white meat has ½ the fat of dark meat
  4. Check out the menu and then eat only what’s special – you can have rolls or corn any time
  5. Wear snug pants (one of my favorites)
  6. Remember portion control
  7. Move – after dinner help clear the table, do the dishes, put everything away or play with the kids
  8. Leave the left over’s

Enjoy Thanksgiving and get right back into your fitness groove. Shopping on Black Friday or any day for 2 hours burns approximately 300 calories!

Be Fit!  Be Healthy!  Be Happy!