Better Workout and Better Results

5 Tips for Better Workouts and Better Results

Strength training is a critical component of every exercise program because it builds muscle. Studies show that once you are 25 years old you can lose up to a half pound of muscle per year, when you hit 50 that number can be as high as 1 to 5 pounds per year depending on your physical activity. So, from a practical stand point, if you want to maintain your stamina and activity level as late into life as possible, a top priority should be an exercise program that includes strength training. There is a lot more to developing your lean muscle mass than just improving you physical appearance. Not only does lean muscle mass help to boost your metabolism but it also aids in weight loss. Use these 5 tips to get even more out of your strength training workouts.

Exercise Tip #1: Focus

When doing any exercise focus on the main muscle you are working, the mind and body connection will give you the best results.

Exercise Tip #2: Listen

Always listen to your body. If you feel great and have a lot of energy up the intensity. If it is a tough day, lighten the weight or lessen the number of reps.
squat jumps

Exercise Tip #3: Squats

When doing any kind of squat always keep your feet flat on the floor.

Exercise Tip #4: Leg Lifts

When doing leg lifts, do not lower your legs all the way to the floor this can cause stress and strain on your lower back. Stop when you feel your lower back arch or come off the floor.
leg lifts

Exercise Tip #5: Crunches

Do a better crunch, when contracting your abdominals think about pulling your belly button into your spine, this helps to active the deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis.

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