Halloween Treats and Tricks to Stay on Track

If you are like most of us you are going to be stocking up on candy for the trick-or-treaters. It is a great Holiday – BUT – it is a ton of temptation when you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy. Here are a couple of things to remember; candy can be calorie dense which means the calories add up quickly. Chocolate tends to be higher in fat so that increases the calories as well. Better choices for low fat or fat free treats are candy corn, twizzlers or hard candies because not only are they lower in fat but typically the serving size is bigger. Fun Size candy bars are always a good option because they are portion controlled.

My favorite ‘tricks’ for keeping on track are:

  • Wait until Halloween to buy the candy so you won’t be tempted to open it early
  • Buy only what you think you can give away to the kids
  • Take the left over candy to work, school or simply give it away to get it out of the house

Enjoy Halloween, it’s OK to have a treat or 2 – you won’t gain 10 pounds in 1 night.

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.