Super Bowl Party and Healthy Eating

No matter if your favorite team made it to the Super Bowl or not chances are you have a party to go to! I know in my house – it is almost the mid winter tradition! Food, fun, friends, family and of course football and fun to watch commercials! Maybe one of these years my favorite team will be playing! There is no way around the fact that parties, Super Bowl or any other kind of get together, always present diet challenges! Follow these insider tips and stay on track at your Super Bowl Party!

  1. Scope out the buffet table first to see what is available then stick to just a few items. Studies show that the more different tastes & flavors of food you have the more likely you will be to over eat.
  2. Go with Healthier Options!  Try some of these!
  • Chicken tenders or chicken fingers instead of wings
  • Veggie or turkey chili
  • Plate of veggies with low fat or yogurt dip
  • Potato skins with salsa
  • Pulled pork instead of hot roast beef
  • Soft cheeses like goat cheese, brie or feta
  • Baked chips & nachos or pretzels
  1. Be aware of the calorie content in your alcohol, dark and specialty beers can contain a lot of calories.
  2. Stay as far away from the food as possible – if you can’t see it you’re not as tempted!
  3. And of course – portion control! Remember it takes an additional 3,500 calories to gain a pound!

Enjoy your Super Bowl party, have fun, make healthy choices and make sure to do your workout first thing Monday morning!

Be Fit. Be Happy. Be Healthy.